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How to be Financially Responsible on Black Friday

Frog wasted - save money on alcohol
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How to Drink (Financially) Responsibly

MLM affiliated friend greeting you with monster in background
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MLM: Beware of Old Friends and Past Acquaintances

How to ask for a raise
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How to Ask for a Raise and Actually Get It

Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Workshop
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Here’s What Happens at those Free “Rich Dad” Real Estate Workshops

You only live once
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A Lesson in Not YOLO’ing Risky Investments

Penny Stocks Thumbs Down
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Why You Should Never Invest in Penny Stocks

Monster Truck
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How to Crush Your Interview Like a Pro

Sketchy Presenter
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I Went to a Sketchy Get Rich Presentation So You Don’t Have To

Hands reaching through computers to exchange money and goods
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How to Make Money By Selling Other People’s Stuff